I am an Animal Rescuer

My job is to assist God's creatures,  I was born with the need to fulfill their needs

I take in new family members without plan, thought or selection

I have bought dog food with my last dime, I have patted a mangy head with a bare hand
I have hugged someone vicious and afraid

I have fallen in love a thousand times, and I have cried into the fur of a lifeless body

I have Animal Friends and friends who have animal friends
I don't often use the word "pet"

I notice those lost at the road side, and my heart aches
I will hand raise a field mouse, and make friends with a vulture
I know of no creature unworthy of my time

I want to live forever if there aren't animals in Heaven
But I believe there are.  Why would God make something so perfect and leave it behind
We may be master of the animals, but the animals have mastered themselves
Something people still haven't learned

War and Abuse makes me hurt for the world
But a rescue that makes the news gives me hope for mankind
We are a quiet but determined army,  and making a difference every day

There is nothing more necessary than warming an orphan,
nothing more rewarding than saving a life, no higher recognition than watching them thrive
There is no greater joy than seeing a baby play who only days ago, was too weak to eat

I am an Animal Rescuer.. My work is never done. My home is never quiet
My wallet is always empty..  but my heart is always full
In the game of life, we have already won

~ Written from the heart by:  Annette King-Tucker
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue

How this all began, well, is a long story.. or several..
Read Chester's story, he can fill you in on our humble beginnings.. 
 the moral of the story is that we each have our calling, if we listen, wait for it and are willing to pursue it, no matter how crazy or difficult a direction you feel you may be headed.. 
Many times we have felt we were on a roller coaster going straight down the tallest hill and many times the road is uphill but so rocky you think you can't stand up 
but when you are doing what you are meant to do and don't give up, you will always be held.

Sometimes it takes many of us to accomplish our goals, 
our goals are sometimes many, sometimes simple
we make our goats milk soap,  
we educate that humane treatment, like a member of your family, really is possible 
and should be the only acceptable way to gain anything from these beautiful creatures, 
they should not be treated like plants, thrown out when they aren't beautiful or "useful" 
 or their cost is more than their input
we try and help our fellow creatures as best we can..we can't save them all, as many say,
but we can try, one at a time, as they are sent to us

Each and every penny goes to feed and care 
for those in our charge, we call them all family 
 we know each and every name and every story
we know who they love to cuddle, or share their food with
 and who they prefer to play with
Some have been born into privilege 
 some have been born  to a mother who had no help but for what her instincts told her
They, the animals, our friends.. they are our number one priority

Our purpose
give a safe & loving home to those come to us in need, 
to educate, inform and mentor as many as possible
about these intelligent, loving & sometimes very humorous creatures
that we have been blessed to share the earth with

I hope you will join us
 by sponsoring 
or donating to the farm
Everyone needs a special friend
..there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear 

John I  4:18
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care of these wonderful 
four legged members of our family

(oops Charlie reminds me the birds have two legs!)..
HoofsnHorns Farm Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation

if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
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Our Board. & Team
President/ Treasurer.. Elizabeth Johnson
Vice President ..Angela Bessemer
Secretary ..Christina Vissichelli

Dr. Mary Leuchtenberger, D.V.M.
large & small animal veterinarian

Jennifer Serling C.v.T.,B.S. VSc
Director Pima Medical Institute Veterinary Technician Program